Warner Bros. Discovery continues to lose money despite success of ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) reported underwhelming Q4 results yesterday, revealing a net loss of another $2.1 billion, including $217 million from its streaming division. This is despite the company touting the success of its new original series “The Last of Us,” which averaged over 15 million viewers, and the recently launched video game Hogwarts Legacy, … Read more

Podcasts are coming to YouTube Music

Though YouTube is a hotbed for video podcasts, the Google-owned platform hasn’t cracked straight-up audio shows just yet. YouTube podcasting head Kai Chuk announced Thursday that podcasts will be added to YouTube Music soon. “We will soon start to bring both audio and video-first podcasts to YouTube Music for users in the U.S., making podcasts … Read more

YouTube launches a multi-language audio feature for dubbing videos, previously tested by MrBeast

The Korean-language Netflix series “Squid Game” became one of the streaming service’s most popular shows of all time, thanks to the ability to subtitle or dub episodes in the viewer’s own language. Now, similar technology is coming to YouTube for the broader creator economy. YouTube announced today it’s rolling out support for multi-language audio tracks, … Read more